i help people make books.

There are more options for making books now than ever before, and they are surprisingly affordable. I have helped many writers prepare their manuscripts for traditional publishing outlets, but this is not the only way to become an author — nor is it necessarily the best option for every project. Not sure how to proceed? E-mail me to set up a free introductory phone consultation.

writing coach

Wherever you are in the process of writing your book, I can hold your hand as much or as little as you need. I’ll evoke your authentic voice with sensitive, encouraging feedback and help you find the soul of your work as well as your deeper purpose in writing it. I’ll also help you break down the task of writing into manageable steps so you don’t get overwhelmed, and keep you on track as you grapple with your work. Once your draft is complete, I can advise on final manuscript preparation for submission to publishers, as well as self-publishing. The process can easily be done by phone and through regular e-mail contact, and I keep the price affordable for independent authors.
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“Jane Brunette rocks! She took the time to read, understand, and think deeply about my book proposal, table of contents, and draft chapters. She provided great insights and, just as importantly, actionable feedback. From a practical perspective the result was a significant revision of my book proposal that got an immediate offer from the first publisher I shared it with. But better still was the clarity that Jane helped me achieve on what I was trying to do with my book and how I needed to go about achieving it — something she delivered with great empathy. She is an invaluable person to have in your corner.”
—Phil Lapsley, author of Exploding the Phone, published by Grove/Atlantic

“Jane is an innovative, energetic, and deeply reflective professional who has high-level conceptual, writing and editing skills. The World Cafe book would not have been written and published without her design, encouragement and caring. In addition, she has the capacity of bringing forward the very best in the people she works with.”
—David Isaacs, co-author with Juanita Brown of The World Cafe, published by Barrett-Koehler

book design

shallow end of sleep
If you plan to publish the book yourself, I’ll create a custom book design that will make your work stand out from the crowd. Book design is a subtle art and it is easy to make errors that undermine your work without realizing it. Self-published books are notorious for this. I can make your book look good — and professional: I’ve designed books for large and small publishers, including 50+ books for Tia Chucha Press. I can also advise you on the niggling details, like when you need to get your own ISBN and how to copyright your work. All of this can easily be done by phone, skype and e-mail, no matter where you live.
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micro publishing

It’s not necessary for writers to have a huge audience and a commercial publisher in order to legitimately publish their work. In fact, some work lends itself to a more intimate form than is available commercially. Selling books is not what makes work legitimate, contrary to our capitalist training. Books of poetry, literary experiments, family histories, personal memoirs, spiritual contemplations, travel journals and artist books can all be difficult to get published through regular channels. We can honor these works by giving them a beautiful form and gifting them to others, even if we only publish 25 or 30 copies.

Your micro-published book can be offered as an ebook, or printed from your computer and hand-bound with a simple japanese binding. If the pages are hand-drawn or collaged, they can be scanned in to make them easy to reproduce. In small quantities, they can be made simply — or turned into more elaborate works of art. Some micro-published books are better set up as print-on-demand, and I can help you decide which approach is right for you. I’ll guide you through the process — from concept to finished piece — coaching you to do it yourself, or collaborating on the design and providing you with finished pdf files in the format you need. For the book pictured above, I designed and produced the files, then the author digitally printed and bound the books herself by hand.

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