Wish list for forest guardians: A conversation with the tribe

ulin tree in muara tae forestDURING OUR RECENT VISIT to Muara Tae, Ruwi and I asked the Forest Guardians group for a wish list. Supporters in Ubud, Bali were planning a night of music in alignment with the ceremony and wanted to receive donations for the tribe. So we asked the group: What would help you practically to defend and replant your forest?

Everyone was quiet. Then Asuy, one of the leaders of the Guardians group, said they could really use a motorbike for patrolling the conflict areas. Conditions are rugged and the bikes keep breaking down. He had already lost three. Spare parts are hard to get. “Nothing fancy,” he said. “It will only get destroyed.”

“How about horses, instead?” One teenager offered. “We wouldn’t need fuel for them.”
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The Pesengket Ritual: Official opening of the ceremony in Borneo

offeringsMasrani (Asuy’s son) took these photos and sent some information about the first days of the ceremony, which involved only the host families as they prepared themselves to hold a clear field for the larger community to join. The photos that follow are of the Pesengket ritual, which was held in Asuy’s compound and officially opened the ceremony on May 16. I have included beneath each photo suggestions for ways to translate the essence of what they are doing into practices you can do on your own or in a circle of friends.
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A global ceremony for the earth’s renewal: Inspiration for initial preparations from the Dayak Benuaq tribe

offeringAS OF TODAY, the time of internal preparations for the ceremony to restore balance to the rainforest in Muara Tae has begun. The core group hosting the ceremony, along with the shamans, are preparing themselves spiritually — creating a strong field of intention. Once this phase is complete, they will issue invitations for others to join them in this field. So for those of us who are following the ceremony spiritually or creating companion meditations, this is also our time to prepare ourselves spiritually and strengthen our collective field of intention. The following summary of this beginning phase of the ceremony comes to us from Muara Tae:
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Why a ceremony is the most practical way to stop bulldozers from destroying this rainforest.

meditate in woodIT MAY SEEM like talking about love and holding a ceremony in the face of relentless bulldozing of the rainforest is a sentimental, weak, impractical thing to do, but I don’t see it that way at all. It is intense love of the forest that draws Asuy, a leader among the Dayak, to stop a bulldozer by standing in front of it, and then speak kindly to the driver. The sense of higher purpose connected to his love of life and dedication to its continuation gives him — and will give the whole tribe, if they are able to complete this ceremony —  the fortitude to stand up to this aggression.
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A new spirit: Letter from the women of Muara Tae

conscienceTHE TEAM working on behalf of the guardians of the Borneo rainforest received this letter from eight women in Muara Tae, on behalf of all the women there. Laeyen, the first woman listed, is Asuy’s wife and is pictured here holding their only daughter, Conscience:

To all supporters of the Muara Tae ceremony:

WE THE WOMEN OF MUARA TAE are very grateful for all your support to our kampong so we can conduct the Guguuq Taunt ceremony. The support eases our sorrow and gives us new spirit to keep going in this stressful situation.
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What it’s like in Muara Tae: Sheila’s story

sheila kartikaSHEILA KARTIKA is an Indonesian communications specialist who has worked on behalf of the Dayak Benuaq people. Here she tells about her visit to Muara Tae and why she was drawn to join the Indiegogo team to raise money to support their ceremony:
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