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Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, these sessions are valuable if you want to take charge of your spiritual journey and draw on fresh sources of inspiration for strengthening your connection to both the ground of being and your soul’s expression. jane brunette

We are all natural mystics. However, this ability to relate to the everyday world as sacred gets obscured by thick layers of conditioning. I hold an open, non-judgmental, receptive space that supports you to release yourself from this prison of concepts and develop a trustworthy connection to your own inner guidance. I also offer resources and encouragement for developing and sustaining an enlivening personal spiritual practice that integrates transcendent insight with earthly life. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, these sessions will mirror and support your emerging soul as the erroneous concepts that sustain your false self drop away.

I draw on my extensive training in Tibetan Buddhism, my training as a psychotherapist and as an authorized Dharma teacher, as well as my own committed inter-spiritual practice of meditation and mystic practice born from my great respect for the contribution made by each spiritual tradition in illuminating the mystic heart at the center of all of them. The point is to mirror your process as a fellow explorer and share tools, practices and insights that might be of use as you take charge of your own spiritual journey.

The sessions are best suited for those who are committed to taking their spiritual practice seriously and are not meant as a replacement for psychological counseling. These are not therapy sessions but are more akin to the work of an Anam Cara, Kalyana-Mitra, Spiritual Friend or Spiritual Director, as I am primarily a mystic, a contemplative and a committed spiritual practitioner who shares what I’ve learned in my own explorations.

spiritual mentoringSessions typically happen via Skype or phone — two to four times a month in the beginning, then once a month, quarterly, or as needed. The point is to develop a relationship over time. If you are embarking on a retreat or a time of deep spiritual practice — or if you would like one-on-one training in meditation — more frequent sessions are available to support your process. Sessions are sliding scale and support my spiritual practice, retreats and pilgrimage, as well as my efforts to nourish others in their practice.

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writing from the soulIn addition to spiritual mentoring, I also offer sessions for those interested in using writing as a tool of awakening.
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