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Here is a selection of videos, radio interviews and articles where you
can learn more about how we collaborated with the Dayak-Benuaq of Muara Tae
to share their ceremony with people all over the globe:


A song from Layain, a leader in the tribe.

A dance performed by two of the shamans.

Video by a Dayak woman that expresses what it’s like for indigenous people
to lose their ancestral forests.

Click here for more short videos of the tribe performing their ceremony.


Interview on Voice America radio, Bread for the Journey, about the invitation into ceremony with the Dayak and how feeling our heartbreak can lead to right action.

Interview on future primitives internet radio on grief-love, the ceremony and the power of the heart.

Interview with Tree Sisters on the inner aspects of addressing the loss of forests and displacement of tribes.


Article in the Huffington Post on how meditation practice can impact deforestation.

Letter from a Dayak Woman who lost her forest as a child. (Many other articles about the ceremony also on the blog.)

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