Poems for dangerous times

kaliI JUST PUBLISHED a new collection of poetry called Cartoon Kali: Poems for dangerous times. I consider the poems in this collection artifacts from my spiritual practice. They weren’t originally written for an audience, but to help me understand and integrate some of what is baffling about being a human alive at this time. It helped me to write them, and my hope is that they might inspire you to deepen your own spiritual and creative explorations. Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

some questions

what is this life we fear
such that we build temple walls
and try to keep inside
the force that moves continents

we make a pet of god
the way we put trees inside pots
to make a pet of the earth

we make pets of each other
pretend to tame our wild edges

who interprets the scripture of life
our inner fundamentalist    dark angel
white knight or peaceful nun
the wild one    the feral child

or the one who sits with hands folded
a stolen green apple in her pocket

what if we played the hero
beyond the hero
the one not needing to be a hero
but a sigh

gold belongs
in the broken places

can we kiss now

[see sample pages]

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1 comment to Poems for dangerous times

  • Ana

    I’m so glad a took a moment to read the beginning pages to this wonderful, soulful book Jane! Your writing is both relevant to this very moment and timeless. I predict this work will be taught to other poets one day. It has certainly inspired me.