some seeds only germinate in a forest fire.

to become a flamingseed: one who uses challenging conditions to blossom rather than burn. For inspiration, I comb the streets — not to mention the forests and villages, light seedas well as the contemplative and mystical traditions — for insights, spiritual practices and visionary ideas on cultivating a loving, generative world view regardless of circumstances. And I doggedly question cultural and spiritual assumptions so that we can open fresh to these changing times with curiosity, innocence and a sense of adventure [visit the blog]. I am available to help you ground fresh ways of seeing into your daily life, using challenges as fuel to deepen your experience of spirit and birth the expression of your soul. Here are a few of the ways I can support your journey:

spiritual mentoringSPIRITUAL MENTORING:
These sessions are for those who want to take charge of their spiritual journey, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. I can help you to develop a personal meditation and spiritual practice, discern the difference between the soul’s intuition and the ego’s impulse, nourish your commitment to your deepest values in the face of practical pressures and navigate the “spiritual marketplace” so you can find your truest path amidst all the richness and distraction.
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spiritual mentoringMENTORING FOR WRITERS:
I have developed methods and practices to help you use writing as spiritual practice, which can be a profound help in integrating spiritual insight with the challenge of living as a human. Free resources are available on the Writing from the Soul site to nourish and support your process, as well as information on my approach to individual mentoring, which is helpful whether you are working on a book or just beginning to find your voice.
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spiritual mentoringFLAMINGSEED PRESS:
I am now publishing books to support your explorations into the marriage of spirit and human. Check out the newest releases: Grasshopper Guru — my book of spiritual poetry, and The Twelve Wheels of Karma: Astrology as a Tool for Meditation and Self-Inquiry by Hunter Reynolds. Forthcoming books include an anthology of inspiring stories on the flamingseed theme and books from emerging voices offering fresh approaches to spiritual and soul practice.
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spiritual mentoringTEACHING:
I periodically teach spiritual practice, meditation and writing from the soul, both online and in various locations around the world. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed of new offerings.
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Wondering who I am and where I’m coming from?
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