Beyond surface activism: The unlikely source of the Buddha’s world-changing insight.

I just published this article at Elephant Journal: A bit of a confession, I guess, that felt a little scary to share, given how aggressive and hateful the dialogue around politics and activism can get these days. I wrote it for everyone who feels weary of the polarization and would like to see an end to the argument culture. Here’s how it begins:

I’M THE LAST PERSON you might expect to talk about activism.

In an age where being super busy is a badge of honor and accomplishing tasks the greatest virtue, where some activists promote rallies by quoting Martin Luther King saying, ”For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good people to do nothing,” I did the unthinkable. I dropped out.
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  • Phyllis Matyi

    Activism and the middle way… sunrise and sunset…. on and off the cushion. There is a softening it feels in this dropping out and not being so at effect of our consumerism, my immediate social conditioning. But then I am
    Able to drop out- this year 1-2 the year in other countries and the balance in the mtns in a way due to
    the benefits I have from an industrialized country but that is another story. Now i feel the need to direct activism by using but our clarity of faith the cushion- to dance with the spomtanepus activity. There is an awakenings of the feminine- a time to take back our truths. To act and not just watch. Even from abroad we can now act…. but within this acting remembering that Thich Nhat Han said the boat people survived as there was always one person doing nothing in the boat- meditating- but they took turns…so how can we take turns like the seasons and the sun

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