A soul story for those in transition

soul storyI WROTE THIS LITTLE BOOK for those who find themselves in the world between worlds. My most recent experiment, The Big & the Small: A Soul Story came through in one sitting in an attempt to see a way forward at a time when one way of life was ending and another had yet to begin. The truth is, we are always in transition whether we recognize it or not, but there are moments when the reality of this is laid bare and it can be frightening.

This is the first picture book I have done, using my own scribble drawings. While we usually associate illustrated “Once upon a time” stories with children, I think this is a big mistake. Such stories speak the language of the unconscious in archetypes and pictures, and hold a great power for adults, being closer to dreams than to literature. This story was a gift to me from my unconscious, and provided a map that sent me on a pilgrimage to the land of St Francis in Assisi, Italy, and then to the jungles of Peru. Not a bad result for a couple days of scribbling.

To get a taste, have a look at the sample pages.

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