some seeds only germinate in a forest fire.
THIS IS AN INVITATION to become a flamingseed: one who uses challenging conditions to blossom rather than burn. For inspiration, I comb the streets — not to mention the forests and villages, as well as the contemplative and mystical traditions — for insights, spiritual practices and visionary ideas on cultivating a loving, generative world view regardless of circumstances. And I doggedly question cultural and spiritual assumptions so that we can open fresh to these changing times with curiosity, innocence and a sense of adventure.

Poems for dangerous times

kaliI JUST PUBLISHED a new collection of poetry called Cartoon Kali: Poems for dangerous times. I consider the poems in this collection artifacts from my spiritual practice. They weren’t originally written for an audience, but to help me understand and integrate some of what is baffling about being a human alive at this time. It helped me to write them, and my hope is that they might inspire you to deepen your own spiritual and creative explorations. Here’s a taste of what’s inside: read more

A soul story for those in transition

soul storyI WROTE THIS LITTLE BOOK for those who find themselves in the world between worlds. My most recent experiment, The Big & the Small: A Soul Story came through in one sitting in an attempt to see a way forward at a time when one way of life was ending and another had yet to begin. The truth is, we are always in transition whether we recognize it or not, but there are moments when the reality of this is laid bare and it can be frightening. read more

Poetry writing as spiritual practice

FOR THOSE IN CALIFORNIA, I’ll be offering an immersion in poetry writing as a spiritual practice from 9:30am to 2:30pm on September 17 in Fairfax. You don’t have to identify as “a poet,” but only yearn to access the layer of consciousness that dreams, intuits and sees beauty in unexpected places. read more

Spiritual contemplation as social action

on being a stoneA FEW YEARS AGO, I had a vivid dream that the world would end on a specific date, nine months away. This might sound like a nightmare, but the effect on me was just the opposite. In the middle of taking in this news, I had an insight: if the world is ending — and all of human life with it — I can’t end social injustice or save the white dolphins from extinction. There’s no time for any of us to reach our so-called full potential. read more